What we do the best

Audits and optimizations

Logistics audit, logistics optimization

Value: good judgment and assessment of the situation, making it possible to focus on priorities

We provide: independent conclusions and consistent recommendations based on external competences and experience

Strategies and decisions

Logistics strategy, supply chain strategy

Value: safety in making strategic moves

We provide: development and evaluation of scenarios and justification of key decisions

Concepts and projects

Design of logistics, logistics projects

Value: independent solutions to meet business requirements

We provide: modern concepts, based on know-how and numbers, to meet logistic and business goals

Implementations and support

Implementation of changes in logistics

Value: high efficiency of projects and changes thanks to experience, with readily available resources (people, know-how, tools)

We provide: human resources, their experience, knowledge and tools supporting the Client in the effective implementation of solutions

Who we are

Chaingers is a team of experienced and proven logistics experts and practitioners. We provide a complete range of competences necessary to achieve the goals of our partners – companies for whom logistics and the supply chain constitute the key to the implementation of a comprehensive business strategy.

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What’s new?

May 18, 2023
Chainers' voice on the warehouse market in Łódź

warehouse market in Łódź

"The potential of the warehouse market in Łódź. Challenges and opportunities for the sector" were the subject of the meeting organized by Axi Immo. During one of the discussion panels, Bartosz Jacyna commented on the development of the logistics sector, trends and current challenges related to the warehouse industry on this market.

May 8, 2023
Chainers at LogiMAT 2023

Chainers at LogiMAT 2023

A good understanding of technologies is an important element of projects implemented by Chainers - during LogiMAT 2023, Chainers consultants collected information about the latest solutions and the market of warehouse equipment and automation, technologies and systems for storage, picking, loading and transport, warehouse, production and robotics control solutions, software supporting logistics. Summary in Paweł Löffler's publication on
LinkedIn »

April 26, 2023
Warehouse automation: How not to trip over your own feet?

Warehouse automation

A catalog solution to a given problem is not always the one worth choosing. Sometimes taking a step back and considering partially manual processes gives better added value and better payback time - these are the conclusions of a very interesting case study just published by Łukasz Musialski on LinkedIn »

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