Efficiently operating warehouse processes are a key element of ecommerce. The dynamic development of the company forces us to ensure the security of logistics operations and make strategic decisions that determine scalability of this business

Szymon Mordaka
Director for Logistics and Supply Management


Owner of TaniaKsiazka.pl and Bee.pl online stores. On the market since 2009. One of the largest e-commerce companies operating in north-eastern Poland.
Warehouse of 8,000 sqm.
2.7 mln orders shipped in 2021.


A quick expert assessment of the current state of warehouse logistics in order to resolve issues of operational, tactical and strategic importance.


  • General business profile
  • Listing possible scenarios for logistics development of
  • Expert assessment of processes and technologies, both in terms of efficiency and quality, in accordance with the direction of goods flow in warehouses
  • Expert assessment of internal communication, human resources and IT systems in the area of ​​logistics


  • 19 suggestions for optimization in the area of ​​delivery, unloading, picking, shipping and complaints - expected 20-30% increase in efficiency
  • SWOT analysis of the warehouse expansion in the form of a mezzanine with a cost analysis
  • Proposition and comparison of other available technologies, such as shuttle
  • Recommendations for changes in the management structure and outsourcing some services

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Bartosz Jacyna
Partner, Business Development

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