Founded in 1998, MDH sp.z o.o., part of the Meyra Group, provides solutions for orthopedics and rehabilitation. The new MDH warehouse located in 7R Park Łódź West is a distribution center for Central and Eastern Europe with an area of ​​approx. 10,000 sqm.


Preparation of a new warehouse for operational operation based on the Masterplan previously implemented by Chaingers Consultant. Support in launching a new warehouse concerned such areas as the purchase of equipment, organization of human resources, and organization of a new facility.


  • Detailed specification of equipment for the purposes of the tender process, support in purchasing and contracting deliveries
  • Recruitment for the position of a warehouse manager
  • Designing the organization of the warehouse, support in choosing a WMS system


  • Securing appropriate competences for operational warehouse management
  • Ensuring the correct sequence and security of supplies of equipment worth several hundred thousand EUR
  • Ensuring the consistency of the implemented WMS system with the process concept of the Masterplan

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Partner, Business Development

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