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May 18, 2023


Chainers' voice on the warehouse market in Łódź

"The potential of the warehouse market in Łódź. Challenges and opportunities for the sector" were the subject of the meeting organized by Axi Immo. During one of the discussion panels, Bartosz Jacyna commented on the development of the logistics sector, trends and current challenges related to the warehouse industry on this market.

May 8, 2023


Chainers at LogiMAT 2023

A good understanding of technologies is an important element of projects implemented by Chainers - during LogiMAT 2023, Chainers consultants collected information about the latest solutions and the market of warehouse equipment and automation, technologies and systems for storage, picking, loading and transport, warehouse, production and robotics control solutions, software supporting logistics. Summary in Paweł Löffler's publication on LinkedIn »

April 26, 2023


Warehouse automation: How not to trip over your own feet?

A catalog solution to a given problem is not always the one worth choosing. Sometimes taking a step back and considering partially manual processes gives better added value and better payback time - these are the conclusions of a very interesting case study just published by Łukasz Musialski on LinkedIn »

March 3, 2023


Arena Logistics 2023 with the participation of Chaingers

Bartosz Jacyna, Consultant and Partner at Chaingers, became the chairman of the program board of Arena Logistyczna 2023.
Event goal is to create an environment for the exchange of knowledge and real experiences as well as a space for networking. The first edition will take place on September 13-14 in Warsaw. Chaingers consultants will also take part in the event as moderators: Bartosz Jacyna - September 13, Technology or people in the spotlight session, Łukasz Musialski - September 14, Technology session.
Program and details »

February 28, 2023


Chaingers is a content partner of the Intralogistics and Warehouse Solutions conference

"Warehouse design is not only the selection of storage systems" will be the topic of a speech by Kazimierz Grabowski, Consultant and Partner at Chaingers at the Intralogistics and Warehouse Solutions technical conference, which will take place on March 30 in Bydgoszcz. We invite you! Program and details »

January 25, 2023


Masterplan - the optimal logistics concept

NEONET SA entrusted Chainers with designing the internal logistics of its new Logistics Center in Pabianice. This facility is to streamline the distribution process and enable the implementation of the company's development strategy. The masterplan and WMS requirements specification were the key elements of the project.

January 5, 2023


Chaingers in 2022

How did we do in 2022? We briefly summarize the passing year in three numbers that are important to us:
- over 100,000 m2 of designed warehouse space
- 57 projects
- 80 chaingers' day participants

What do we wish for in 2023? New challenges in calmer realities.

November 28, 2022


Chaingers at Modern Warehouse

On November 15 and 16, the annual Modern Warehouse Congress 14th edition, was held in Warsaw, as usual with the participation of Chaingers logistics consultants. In his lecture, Witold Bachaj presented the issues related to the logistic audit, in particular the collision of beliefs and assumptions with reality after the audit.

November 25, 2022


Logistics project of a distribution center

Defining business requirements for the company's development, division of streams and commodity groups in the face of the current geopolitical situation, the vision and logistics of the new warehouse were the main part of the project of the new distribution center for AJS Parts in Ożarów Mazowiecki.

October 24, 2022


Chaingers at Tomorrow Logistics

The Tomorrow Logistics Conference will take place in Wrocław on November 22. The event will bring together experts who will share their experience and knowledge in the field of logistics innovation. Two thematic blocks will cover issues of Digital Supply Chain and Automatic Solutions. In the latter, Łukasz Musialski, Chaingers consultant, will present a Subjective Ranking of Design Risks Related to Automation.
Event details »

October 4, 2022


Chaingers' day - video coverage

June 21 and 22, 2022 Chaingers' clients, associates and business partners met in Kielce at the first chaingers' day event. We come back with a short video report to recall these moments and the idea of ​​the event and our values ​​- sharing knowledge, creating a culture of experience exchange and building trust and partnership relations.
See the report »

September 28, 2022


Chaingers as a partner of the Intralogistics and Warehouse Solutions Conference

The upcoming Intralogistics and Warehouse Solutions Conference organized by Axon Media Group will focus on the digitization of processes and the implementation of automatic and autonomous solutions. We invite you to Bielsko-Biała on October 12, where Kazimierz Grabowski from Chaingers will give one of the conference lectures.
Details of the event »

September 21, 2022


Picking automation with a sorter

In the latest issue of Logistics Manager Magazine, a short story about automation of the picking process with the use of a sorter, told by Łukasz Musialski.
Find more on LinkedIn »

September 5, 2022


We are changing the rules of the game in logistics

Effective implementation of changes requires experience and the right partner on your side. Chaingers is a center of comprehensive competences necessary to achieve the goals of our clients - companies for which logistics and the supply chain are a key factor for the implementation of a business strategy. More about why and how we help implementing changes in logistics in a short video »

August 26, 2022


New WMS or new warehouse - what's first?

The eternal question - an egg or a hen? In our case - a new warehouse or a new WMS? There are various scenarios of WMS implementation in a new warehouse. What should go first? Kazimierz Grabowski, Chaingers Senior Consultant, reflects on the subject in his latest LinkedIn article »

August 3, 2022


Expert audit of warehouse logistics

Due to the need for operational security and logistics scalability, one of the key tasks in the Quick-check audit carried out for Glosel was the SWOT analysis of the warehouse expansion in the form of a mezzanine, along with a cost analysis.

July 30, 2022


The warehouse master plan implementation

The new ASAJ Distribution Center in Siedlce is over 9500 mplt, equipped with automated systems that allow efficiency increase and scalability of distribution. See the details: video case study  »

July 28, 2022


A new distribution center planning

In 2021, MDH Sp. z o.o., (Meyra Group), a manufacturer rehabilitation items, moved its logistics activities to a new location in Łódź. Chaingers consultants provided detailed planning which included, among others, equipment specification, warehouse logistics organization project and operational support during warehouse launch.

July 28, 2022


1,500 LinkedIn followers

In July, the number of Chaingers LinkedIn account followers exceeded 1,500 people. It is a great satisfaction to us. As a consulting company, we place great emphasis on the exchange of experience and knowledge sharing. Therefore, we invite you to observe and visit us frequently: Chaingers on LinkedIn »

June 28, 2022


E-commerce boom

E-commerce is one of the main triggers for the development of warehouse automation, which, according to LogisticsIQ forecasts will more than double from 13 billion USD in 2018 to 27 billion USD in 2025.
Kazimierz Grabowski, Chaingers Consultatnt, talked about how to prepare for the implementation of automated systems in the warehouse during the on-line conference E-commerce boom powered by Europa Systems.

June 23, 2022


Chaingers’ day

On June 21 and 22, in Chęciny and Kielce, an exclusive event for Chaingers' customers and partners took place. Among others, we visited the myBox Logistics automated distribution center of and talked about implementations and warehouse automation equipment. We would like to thank the co-organizer: Marketing Investment Group S.A., partners of the event: Logisystem Sp. z o.o., Ferag Polska sp.z o.o., Element Logic and our guests for coming and active participation. See the event photo report »

June 3, 2022


LogiMAT Stuttgart 2022

The largest exhibition of warehouse and intralogistics technologies LogiMAT took place in Stuttgart. During two days Chaingers team gathered up-to-date information on internal transport, warehousing, warehouse automation and robotics, container systems, labeling and WMS. Constant updating of knowledge allows us to propose optimal solutions when designing warehouse logistics for our clients.

May 12, 2022


What are the benefits of warehouse automation?

A dozen or so benefits achieved by companies investing in warehouse automation are presented by our consultant, Łukasz Musialski, in his last article on LinkedIn »

May 2, 2022


Intralogistics and Warehouse Solutions

The conference was attended by Chaingers partners: Bartosz Jacyna as a moderator and Kazimierz Grabowski, who discussed the approach towards warehouse design according to current technical and market requirements. More »

April 22, 2022


Automation of sortation process for a logistics operator

Logistics processes design of sortation zone operating with other zones in a complex distribution centre, as well as selection of the most suitable automation technology and support in best supplier choice were the main tasks set for Chaingers. Watch details and outcomes of the project in video case study »

March 13, 2022


Chaingers at Logistics Manager Masterclass

New challenges and new horizons will be the main topic of the Logistics Manager Masterclass conference taking place on April 27-28, 2022 in Warsaw. Chaingers representatives will also be there. Łukasz Musialski's will give a lecture on processes optimization with the use of warehouse automation. Dariusz Kierski, as a moderator, will lead a discussion on changes in the warehouse real estate market. Detailed program: Logistics Manager Masterclass »

March 03, 2022


Quick Check expert audit for Stalgast

Stalgast is a leader in gastronomic devices and furniture, operating on the market for over 30 years.

February 28, 2022


Works on Asaj new distribution centre are nearing completion.

Chaingers support this project from the conceptual phase including the warehouse master plan and the warehouse automation project. Currently, the warehouse equipment is being implemented, also with Chainger’ support. The launch of the centre is planned for Q2 2022. See our video case study on YouTube »

February 23, 2022


How to search for a warehouse manager?

Witold Bachaj - CEO at Chaingers and an expert participating in recruitment processes talks about the challenges of finding the right person for a warehouse manager. Read more: Witold Bachaj on LinkedIn »

January 14, 2022


What has 2021 taught us?

Are we ready to adapt to the new reality? Bartosz Jacyna briefly summarizes the last year in logistics. More: Bartosz Jacyna on LinkedIn »

January 13, 2022


Logistics optimization at Andropol

Optimizing logistics in Andropol began with diagnosis and prioritization. And the effect? 40% increase in warehouse efficiency is the expected result of the implementation of 7 short and long-term tasks. Quick-Check methodology (quick expert logistics audit) was used in this project in order to select key areas for improvement.

Case Study »

December 22, 2021


Season's Greetings

It has been an extremely intense and dynamic year for Chaingers in terms of changes and business development. We believe the same for our associates, contractors and partners. We hope that the next year will be just as successful, but a bit calmer, which we would like to wish you too!

December 20, 2021


The New Chaingers Consultant - Robert Korczak

From December 2021, Robert Korczak joins our team. Robert has 15 years of experience in projects and logistics processes. In our team, he will be PM of implementation projects including coordination and supervision of equipment purchases and assembly, WMS implementation, new structures and warehouses reorganisation.
Welcome to the team!

November 11, 2021


Chaingers is a partner of the Modern Warehouse Congress in Warsaw

For the thirteenth time, on November 16-17, 2021, Modern Warehouse Congress will take place. Modern Warehouse is the "number 1" event in Poland for all people involved in warehousing, both in terms of content and knowledge exchange, as well as in terms of the networking. More »

October 29, 2021


Table soccer tournament at the Modern Warehouse Congress

For the 10th time we will meet at the table where emotions always prevail. The 10th edition of the Logistics Table Soccer Tournament organized by Chaingers and Modern Warehouse returns after a one-year break. Who will be a champion this time?

September 30, 2021


Warehouse that is flexible, effective and scalable

These are the he most frequently expressed expectations of almost every company that currently wants to build, rent or reorganize an existing warehouse. 10 years ago it was “low cost, uncomplicated and ready as soon as possible” - regardless of the consequences. More on this subject: Łukasz Musialski on LinkedIn »

September 3, 2021


Supply Chain Congress

When: September 9, 2021
Where: Novotel Warszawa Airport Hotel
Who: Łukasz Musialski and Bartosz Jacyna as Logtok moderators during the Supply Chain Congress organized by "Logistics and Quality"
Topic: Conflict of priorities. What is the significance of the substantive discussion between logistics, sales and production?

August 25, 2021


Łukasz Musialski as a moderator of discussions at the Modernlog Fair

This is going to be a great celebration of logistics! Logistics 4.0 Fair will take place on August 31 - September 3, 2021 in Poznań. On September 2, Łukasz Musialski will be a moderator of the discussion on the Automatic Storage System. The event is as part of the Smart Warehouse Conference organized by Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie. More ».

July 15, 2021


Automation vs human in warehouse processes

Will modern solutions completely replace human work? How has COVID influenced the demand for automation? A few words about it the new Kazimierz Grabowski publication on LinkedIn »

July 6, 2021


Chaingers buys the brand Logisys from HUB logistics

Logisys is a brand of logistics consulting, well recognized on the Polish market. In 2017, Logisys was bought by a Finnish logistics operator HUB logistics. Now, the purchase of a reputable brand by Chaingers, a company that has been active on the logistics consulting market for a relatively short time, confirms dynamic development and strengthens Chaingers it in terms of know-how and communication.

May 24, 2021


Kazimierz Grabowski at the GigaCon IT in Production and Logistics Conference

On May 27, 2021, the IT in Production and Logistics Conference will take place. Chaingers Consultant, Kazimierz Grabowski, will take part as one of the speakers. The design and implementation of warehouse automation and its connection with WMS systems are going to be the main topic of his speech.
More »

March 15, 2021


A logistics audit is not a control - it is a partnership relation

A logistics audit is a great opportunity to optimize processes and increase warehouse or production efficiency. Witold Bachaj explores this topic in his latest publication LinkedIn »

February 15, 2021


What does a logistics consultant have in common with chemistry?

Who is a logistics consultant and why is there limited confidence in them? We invite you to read the latest publication by Bartosz Jacyna LinkedIn »

December 22, 2020


All the best!

We would like to express our best wishes to all our clients and partners on the occasion of Christmas and the coming New Year. Above all, lots of health and well-being and great projects!

December 2, 2020


We support the development of e-commerce

At a time when many industries have been hit by a crisis or even collapse, logistics and e-commerce are recording notable growths. We have the opportunity to lead numerous projects related to the changes in logistics and the development of online sales.

November 18, 2020


Chaingers at Modern Warehouse

This year's edition of the most important event in the area of warehouse logistics in Poland took place on November 17-18. This time Modern Warehouse Congress was held online.