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Chaingers equals a team of experienced and proven logistics experts and practitioners. We provide a complete range of competences necessary to achieve the goals of our partners – companies for whom logistics and the supply chain constitute the key to the implementation of a comprehensive business strategy.

Our mission

We effectively transform the logistics of companies, which can therefore change the rules of the game on the market and achieve a competitive advantage.



Our vision

What are we here for?

Production and distribution companies wish to grow, develop, and create more and more efficiently functioning organizations. These companies face numerous problems and challenges in the area of logistics and the supply chain.

What is the value that we deliver?

We limit our Clients’ risk related to the growth, development, and changes in logistics. We help them to properly assess the situation, develop their strategy, design solutions, and implement those safely and effectively. We enable “safe change” in logistics.

What is our core competence?

Understanding the Client’s overall business, and translating business goals and challenges into logistic solutions and logistic projects justified in numbers.


Why Chaingers?

01. Experience and competences of a team of engineers and logistics managers

02. Focusing on the implementation of the overall business strategy of the Client’s company

03. Effective project implementation system based on hard data analytics

04. Creativity and innovation in finding best possible solutions

05. A set of proven tools and methodologies at every stage of the project’s implementation

06. Flexibility and the ability to operate in organizations of various sizes from many different industries

Our values

01. Action

We are effective and we deliver project results within the set budgets and agreed deadlines. Efficiency is our most important value and the criterion for selecting people for the team.

02. Knowledge and analytics

We boast an extensive knowledge base and our own databases. We found our conclusions on hard quantitative data, and we propose rational solutions that we communicate most precisely and clearly.

03. Creativity

We are equipped with knowledge of proven solutions, which does not limit us in going beyond standard answers, thinking outside the box, and implementing innovations …as long as they are the best solution.

04. Relationships

Our organization and cooperation processes are based on trust. We are straightforward and honest. We focus on sound collaboration as well as excellent, transparent communication.